Aventura en Salamanca



Room and Board with Local Families

During your stay in Salamanca, you will reside with local families in an individual or shared room. Double rooms are typically shared with other students, which allows students to make friends and compare experiences. If a candidate prefers to stay in a boarding house, he or she should make us aware of his or her desire. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are included in the cost of room and board. All year.

Summer Classes

During the summer months, as during the rest of the year, you can sign up to take Spanish classes with us. Classes can be individual or in groups, and you choose the length of the course, starting at one week. Groups that form part of international Study Abroad programs from foreign country will be independent of other groups that may be formed for non-academic activities. We offer grammar and conversation classes with experienced instructors and audiovisual technology to help you achieve the best possible level of Spanish. In your free time, you can sign up for extracurricular activities in a city with a young, cosmopolitan environment that you are sure to love.

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